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  • Diet Clinic Patiala

Diet Clinic Patiala is our third Diet Clinic franchise in the state of Punjab. It lies at the point where focal point road intersects Patiala By pass road. It is a well known location of the city and has very good public transport connectivity. Diet Clinic Patiala is a landmark place in the locality and there is no parking issues in the area.

We have an expanding clientage base in the city and people from nearby locations are also joining the clinic after of our initial successes. Most of our earlier clients are bringing new clients for taking healthy diet plans for losing weight. Various factors are there which affect the weight loss, like medical history, blood type, lifestyle and eating style, age, height, metabolism etc.  Our trained nutritionists take completes care of these factors while preparing the diet plans and we do not suggest any medication, equipments, creams and starvation for weight loss. You too can take wellness diets from the best slimming center in Patiala by getting an appointment with our expert dieticians. Call Diet Clinic for more information about health, food and nutrition

Diet Clinic Patiala

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    75, Dhaliwal Colony, Opp Income Tax Office, Patiala
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    +91 7341100209, +91 7341100210