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  • Diet Clinic Ambala Cantt

This diet clinic is situated in Ambala Cantt.

Address:- Shop No 30 First Floor Amba Complex Staff Road Ambala Cantt(HR)

We are open every day from 9am to 5 pm

This area is very famous and city dwellers are frequently moving around here.

 Die clinic outlet is really close to the famous Galaxy mall.

Ambala city is very famous city in India. It has Cantonment together with Ambala City are two sub-areas of Ambala. They are only three kilometres apart. This is a reason why Ambala is also called a ‘Twin city’.

Ambala Cantonment replaced British Karnal Cantonment. This cantonment was abandoned after malaria epidemic, which lasted for about two years - 1841 – 1842. At that time, they had no medical treatment for malaria so it was impossible to stop the epidemic. As a result of the epidemic the British had to leave and in 1843 the Indians settled there and renamed the place to Ambala cantonment.

Nowadays Ambala cantonment is an important trade junction. Its railway station connects all railway stations across the country, from all geographic directions.

The city still reminds of a British cantonment with its overall look. We can still find here a lot of bungalows and wide roads with lines of trees on each side of the roads.

One of the interesting sights that we can find here is the formation sign of three areas: Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh.

Together with Ambala city it is one of the main centres that produce surgical and scientific instruments. Naturally there have been established a lot of Engineering colleges in the last decades.

Our clinic is located in Amba Complex on Staff Road in Ambala Cantt

Diet Clinic Ambala Cantt

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    Shop No 30 First Floor Amba Complex Staff Road Ambala Cantt(HR)
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