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  • Diet Clinic Udaipur

Diet Clinic is also in Udaipur, Rajesthan

Address 1-A, Navratan Complex, New Navratan Rd, Navlok, Mahaveer Colony Park, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001, India. We are open Monday till Friday from 7:30 am till 8:30 pm.

Phone No:  +91 95872 35544

We are closed on weekends.

Udaipur was built in 1553 in Girwa Valley. It was built as a new capital of the Mewar kingdom. The rulers of the kingdom needed a safe place to move to when they faced attack from enemies and the town Ayad that was already there did not meet all of their requirements as it was heavily flooded from time to time.

In November 1567 the fort of Chittor was attacked by Mughal Emperor. After this attack Maharana Udai Singh decided to protect the city from such attacks by building a 6 km long wall around the Udaipur. The wall had 7 gates, which were Suraipole, Chandpole, Udiapole, Hathipole, Ambapole, Brahmpole. This part of the city is nowadays called old city, or also the walled city.

With time the Mughal empire grew weaker and they lost most of Mewar to Sisoida rulers, except for Udaipur and the district called Chittor.

In 1818 the rulers in British India declared Mewar a princely state. Thanks to its location in the mountains the Mewar kingdom remained safe from Mughal army and has kept its independency till now. The Mewar dynasty has survived till now with Arwind Singh Mewar as 76th custodian.

Udaipur has large lake system, which connects all the lakes around and in the city. These lakes are invaluable source of water for the city and its surroundings.

The city is also sought as a host for cultural events, both national and international.

Our diet clinic is situated not far away from the river.

Diet Clinic Udaipur

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