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  • Diet Clinic Dehradun

Diet Clinic is also at Dehradun.

We are open 7 days a week, 9am to 5pm.

Dehradun is a hill station and often visited by tourists. It is green and full of beautiful sites.

Dehradun’s history seems to be linked to the stories in Mahabharata as after the battle between Ravan and Lord Ram, the latter went to visit this site. This belief is supported by ancient temples and idols that have been found in Dehradun and its surroundings.

In a lot of old maps this city can be found under a different name – Gurudwara. The city got its name Dehradun in 1676, when the son of the Sikh Guru set his camp (dera) in a valley (dun).

Dehradun survived a lot of invasions from various leaders, starting with Mahmud of Ghazni, then Taimooralang (year 1368), Ruahela Njibuddulo in 1757 and Ghulam Qadir in 1785 and finally in 1806, when king Prithvi Narayan Shah took over a lot of Indian territories.

In 1816 Dehradun became a colony of British East India Company, after a two-ears long war, which was ended by signing of Treaty of Sugowli. When India became independedt, Dehradun became part of United Provinces. Dehradun was favourite place of many political leaders, including the first Indian prime minister. In 2000 Dehradun became a capital city of newly formed Uttakhrand state.

Thanks to its history, Dehradun is one of the popular tourist destinations. It has a lot to offer for all who are interested in nature, sports and history.

Diet clinic is situated on Mohit Nagar GMS Road, opposite of Wadia institute.

Diet Clinic Dehradun

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