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Sheela Sehrarwat

“Sheela Sehrarwat”,Founder Of Diet Clinic, Anti Ageing Specialist, Weight loss & Wellness and Specialist is a well known and certified dietitian. She has completed her graduation with honors. She has a long list of happy and satisfied client across the India who are taking her assistance with her weight lose programs. She is living in Gurgaon, Haryana with her family. Sheela Sehrarwat is really passionate to assist the client in choosing a balanced diet that includes proper nutrition and healthful exercise.

In the year 2006, she has begin a private own dietician clinic in India. She is a registered dietitian with IDA and maker of various menu plans that are line up in the personal diet plans on both national as well as global level. Before to her private task, she was working with the Army hospital. After completing her mastery, she is proving counseling to different top-notch lists of patients and carries out nutritional research to satisfy down her thirst for facts.

She is making regular research on weight loss therapy with the use of food ingredients. Due to regular positive feedback from the side of the clients, at present Diet clinic has come up as one and only Clinic in India which make sure for the booming weight loss treatment just by proper selection of meal. “LET YOUR DIET WORK FOR YOU” is the main motto of Sheela Sehrarwat with her Diet Clinic. From last many years, she is associated with highly recognized and popular fitness organizations in India.

The team of dieticians at Diet Clinic are committed and dedicated to make sure the every client get the maximum benefits from the programs offered by us and their fitness goals can be answered without any stone in the way. There are numbers of weight loss programs are offered to the clients and they can pick the better one according to their needs. More than 10 years of experience makes them different from other. All team is inspecting the health services on regular basis which is not everyone’s cup of tea. Our staff assistance is available 24*7 and makes sure that everyone safe and effective care.

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Name : Vandana Singh

Message : What can do we good for health? Plz suggestion me.

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Name : Rahul

Message : How To Weight Loss

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Name : shreyansh

Message : new health plan ?

Dietitian Sheeka Seharawat : many are there.

Name : Hitesh Aswani

Message : i want to loss my weight now im 86 i wann loss my weight 10-15 kg what can i do? expenses

Dietitian Sheeka Seharawat : Hello Hitesh, Healthy meals coupled with some workout can lead you to your weight loss goal. Overeating, sedentary lifestyle, Hormonal issues, etc can make a person gain weight. Look for ways to improve your metabolism, eat smaller 5-6 meals a day, Do workout, Keep yourself well hydrated, get good sleep. You can lose 3-5 kg weight every month with our customized daily diet plans. 

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